Daddy Discovery #16

Uncategorized May 10, 2021

My wife loves to point out all the “cute” or “adorable” physical features my son has that resemble me.

Unfortunately, these are the very same physical features I’m extremely self conscious about.

These “compliments” keep rolling in on the daily:

“Oh look baby, he has back hair just like you!”

“Aw how cute, his hair line is just like yours!” For the record: my son looks as if he has male-pattern baldness already!

“Look at his little ears…they have hair on them! You know who else has hairy ears? Daddy!”

“I just love his double chin. That’s your chin, Jentry. So cute.”

Um. No.

Not cute.

Look, it’s no secret…I have no jaw line and at least two chins! I’m more like a neck with ears. Like Beaker from the Muppets. And yes, I’m a little chubby right now. Obviously hairy too. Okay…whatever.

But why does all of his “good” features get attributed to...

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Daddy Discovery #15: I’m Fairly Certain My Wife Is Training Our Son to Hate Me.

Uncategorized May 09, 2021

Hear me out before you start judging.

I’m not saying it’s intentional…but the evidence is starting to stack up.

Look, my son is perfectly calm, restful and blissed-out when he’s with Mommy. He will sleep anywhere and in any position…as long as it’s touching Mommy.

The only times I interact with my baby is when I have to pry him away from the comfort and safety of Mommy!

Here I come… a big hairy bear of a man… wake him from his deep restful sleep, strip him down nude, lift him by his ankles, wet wipe his balls and bare ass, and try to convince him everything’s going to be okay in a deep (probably to him) scary voice!

It reminds me of my time in prison…and it was terrifying.

But that’s another story.

Look… the point I’m trying to make is this: Pavlov discovered that the brain in programmable. Ring a bell; eat some food.

Well, I can’t imagine it’s much different in this situation: all...

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Daddy Discovery #14: I am ridiculously out of shape.

Uncategorized May 05, 2021

I’ve been watching the warning signs for a couple years now. Walking up a flight of stairs; I get winded. Bend over to tie my shoes; I gotta suck in my gut and hold my breath. Put on my usual slim fit jeans…and it looks like my pants are baking bread…I believe it’s called a “muffin-top.” When I sit to eat, I unbutton my pants BEFORE I even get started.

And honesty…I didn’t care.

My wife would laugh and poke my belly. One time she said my belly kind of “turned her on”. Yeah…turns out, my bikini model wife is a bit of a chubby chaser! But don’t tell her I said so!

So yeah… it was all good! I still got laid, I still kinda fit my clothes…I didn’t have to buy anything new at least… and my day to day life wasn’t effect too much…

…until recently.

Over the last couple weeks, my wife and I will take our son out of the house for small field trips (remember me...

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New Daddy Discovery #13: FEAR...on a whole new level

Uncategorized May 03, 2021

I may go serious on this one…

So scroll ahead if you’re only looking for laughs. But click “like” on your way out, so I can feel validated as a human.

• Discovery: FEAR… on a whole new level.

As most of you know…I’m very familiar with fear. I’m very comfortable in chaos. But uncovering new levels of fear is a mother fucker.

A couple nights ago, I was doing an updated financial audit on my business. Normally I would never do that. I don’t like to think about money or financial issues. Typically, I’m like an ostrich: head in sand = safety. Not knowing= safety. Ignorance is bliss…or some stupid shit like that.

But when you truly start planning for the future and your future involves other people…ignorance isn’t bliss…it’s IGNORANCE.

The reality of doing business in Hawaii keeps getting more and more daunting. And the growing expectations on small businesses in Hawaii is...

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New Daddy Discovery #12: I have become a ninja.

Uncategorized May 01, 2021

I am easily carrying about 15-20 extra pounds of fat on my body right now. Being “light-footed” isn’t much of an option.

Until now.

I have found myself creeping through my own house on a daily basis. Literally walking on my tip toes, shoulders shrugged and hands raised at chest level. Picture: the cartoon villain with the trench coat and hat that we used to watch as children.

Yeah… that’s me.

“But why, Jentry?” you may be wondering.

Let me explain.

Between my wife and my baby, if I wake either of them… the chances of hearing screaming and/or tears is 100%.

These priceless pockets of rest that they are able to get are like seeing rare double rainbows: they fade away as quickly as they happen.

My poor wife is waking up every two hours and then nursing for an hour. And my son…oh man…he definitely takes after his old man! He’s fussy, grumpy, hates being away from his boobs, over eats…to the point where he...

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New Daddy Discovery #11: Nipples are… something else.

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2021

I’ve been searching for the right descriptive for some time now, to verbalize what I’ve come to learn about nipples.

Female nipples.

Mommy nipples.

Breastfeeding nipples, to be exact.

Um…yeah. There’s a lot going on there.

Originally, I was like “aww…that’s so precious and beautiful” watching this moment between mother and child, during breastfeeding. It’s Life giving, Comfort giving and magical.

Then somewhere recently, that experience shifted. Greatly.

I think it started when my wife asked me to take our son off her lap and pried him off her breast. What I saw was…um… strange??  (See…there’s the adjective I’m searching for again!) Let me put it this way: the first thought that came to my mind was, “hey..!!??…how did you attach a Vienna Sausage to your boob??” And as most of you know me pretty well…the filter between my brain and mouth doesn’t work too...

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New Daddy Discovery #10: Brand new babies don’t have a sense of humor.

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2021

Discovery: Brand new babies don’t have a sense of humor. Nor do they care to talk about work. This means I’m fucked.

It’s a wild thing to realize that the very foundation of how and what you communicate with (i.e. about work or with humor) doesn’t work on your present audience. And just maybe…that you’re fucking boring!

It’s like being on a blind date with someone that doesn’t speak the same language.

It’s brutal.

You start realizing that you are limited in your expressive self and that a new version of yourself has to come forward in order to make any progress in that relationship. Having a new baby highlights just that.

He grunts, can’t really see, doesn’t talk, can’t eat ice cream, doesn’t drink, isn’t old enough to work, has zero social awareness (I mean really, he farts and burps whenever he wants!) and quite frankly… he sounds a little like a mix of baby Gizmo and Marcel The Shell....

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New Daddy Discovery #9: I almost cut a bitch today.

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2021

Discovery: There will be some people you encounter that you simply don’t even want looking at your baby.

Today we planned a field trip. Cabin fever set in and we both knew we needed to be in fresh air. This of course was the conclusion we came to after I witnessed myself eating a pint of chocolate ice cream while watching The Bachelorette (side note: I’m not sure what the intended genre of that show is supposed to be…but it may be one of the greatest comedies I’ve seen in a long time!)

Any who… the field trip was scheduled to be a 30 minutes/4 block tour of our little beach town: Down To Earth (against my wishes- sorry Jess!- but the wife wanted some almond cookie thing), Target for some new pacifiers and then Anuenue for food and tea!

All is well and on schedule as we made our way to the check out lane at Target. We pass a group of younger girls- sadly 20s are younger to me now- and the “pack leader” practically screams “OMG…...

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New Daddy Discovery #8: I’m married to a bad bitch!

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2021

Natural child birth is NOT something to scoff at or take lightly.

I knew my wife was strong…when we would wrestle, she would over work me to the point I had to “pretend” to let her win.

She won. Hands down.

But I had to play like I let her. It’s always humbling.

I knew my wife was tough… Besides her being half Korean (and anyone who knows Koreans know they are a tough breed of people) she also puts up with my neurotic bullshit and does her best to keep me in check.

But natural childbirth? Man… that was some next-level-type-shit, right there.

I saw some shit, y’all.

Like…it changed me. Forever.

And every day since… She’s feeding, cuddling, smooching, rocking and loving on this little baby, every moment of every day. Let me say that again guys…EVERY MOMENT of EVERY DAY!

I think she’s slept 30 minutes in the past 4 days. I’m drooling on myself and I’m getting a good six hours in! How’s...

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New Daddy Discovery #7: New born baby boys get boners…

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2021

New born baby boys get boners…

And now I feel inadequate around my son.

There is something good about diluting certain gene pools… and my specific genetic make-up is a perfect example.

Let me just start by apologizing to my brothers (and possibly even my mother) for this sharing… but we aren’t exactly the image of perfection. Mostly, my relatives and I resemble Peter Griffin in the buff as opposed to the Statue of David.

I’ve seen myself naked recently… not good.

A few weeks ago, one of my employees said to me… “don’t worry, Dad-bods are totally “in” right now!”

What!!?? I have a “Dad-bod”??!! When the fuck did THAT happen?!

Truth be told… I’ve had a Dad-bod since I was 9 years old. Ugh.

My wife on the other hand- totally fit, lean and looks like a 20-something year old. She’s 40 and a total cougar.

True story: she placed at a national bikini-fitness competition in New...

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