New Daddy Discovery #8: I’m married to a bad bitch!

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2021

Natural child birth is NOT something to scoff at or take lightly.

I knew my wife was strong…when we would wrestle, she would over work me to the point I had to “pretend” to let her win.

She won. Hands down.

But I had to play like I let her. It’s always humbling.

I knew my wife was tough… Besides her being half Korean (and anyone who knows Koreans know they are a tough breed of people) she also puts up with my neurotic bullshit and does her best to keep me in check.

But natural childbirth? Man… that was some next-level-type-shit, right there.

I saw some shit, y’all.

Like…it changed me. Forever.

And every day since… She’s feeding, cuddling, smooching, rocking and loving on this little baby, every moment of every day. Let me say that again guys…EVERY MOMENT of EVERY DAY!

I think she’s slept 30 minutes in the past 4 days. I’m drooling on myself and I’m getting a good six hours in! How’s she’s even holding her head up is a mystery to me.

All I’m saying is this: I fell deeper in love with my wife and even more in awe of her, after witnessing her give birth to our son… and every day since then. A strong woman ain’t nothing to fuck with.

And now she’s got TWO needy little men biding for her time!

***Interesting Fact***

During labor, a woman’s body get flooded with natural, self-created compounds like… Oxytocin, Phenylethylamine, DMT and natural Opiates! It’s like the greatest trip a person can be on!

Now, if I could only find a way to sell that on the open market…

(Side note): “New Daddy Lessons” will now be called “New Daddy Discovery”.

A teammate of mine, said she wished that her and her husband had written down all their “discoveries” and I felt that was more appropriate. Plus it sounds better! So,  thank you again for the inspiration!