YOU AlreADY HAVE THE ANSWERS.Let me help you rediscover them.


“No one should tell you HOW to live your life. But you can give yourself permission to try something new.”

It’s possible that you have never worked with a coach or mentor before. It’s also possible that you’ve listened to those podcasts, and read some amazing personal development books (my favorites: Radical Honesty, The Four Agreements, and The Sermon on the Mount according to Vedanta). You are taking in the information and trying to make it work, but it’s just not. What you need is someone who can hear and see you. See what is holding you back from reaching your full potential. Someone who can see your strengths hiding behind that cloud of insecurity or fear, and bring them into the light. Hell, maybe my “no nonsense” methods won’t click for you either… but my track record is pretty damn good and why play it “safe?”


Customized Trainings

Each person’s needs are different. Schedules can be tight. Finances can be tight… and personalities can be even tighter. The way I work depends completely on my client and their needs. Most 1-on-1 sessions are approximately 45min. to 60min. long. Upon request, each session can be recorded for your personal use at a later time. Sometimes we need time to process the information we’re given. If you are serious about wanting to change, I am serious about helping you.


I would be honored to help you change your life. Are you Ready?

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