New Daddy Discovery #2: Everything sounds like your new baby.

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2021

Like… everything.

Shoe squeaks on the floor..?.. it’s your new baby.

Squeezing a half empty bottle of shampoo while in the shower..?.. it’s your new baby.

Elevator door opens..? baby.

Someone drags a chair across their floor upstairs..?.. guess what?… Your baby!!

After a couple days with my little man, I have heard more odd noises, grunts, cries and snorts than I could possibly count. It happens so much that I’ve developed a stiff neck from whipping my head around so much.

Today, I even turned off the water to my shower (mid-lather, mind you) stood naked covered in suds and opened the curtain to listen for…you guessed it…my baby. Only to remember that I came home to shower and my wife and baby were still at the hospital.

I now understand why most parents are bat-shit crazy.

***Interesting Fact***

Science has discovered that new born humans respond to the calls of not only their parents…but non-human primates as well! They especially enjoy the calls of the Blue-eyed Madagascar Lemur!! And this ability fades away after the first few months of life!

This basically means that new borns are like  mini-Tarzan! But only for a short period of time!

I gotta take my kid to the zoo!